How do I know if my dog has a foxtail?

Signs of foxtail penetration are excessive sneezing (foxtail in nose), violent shaking of head (foxtail in ear) or pawing at eye (foxtail in eye).  Foxtails can also enter the body cavity through the skin and enter soft tissue where they can cause serious injury.  Dogs with foxtails that have migrated anywhere into their bodies should be immediately examined by a veterinarian to make sure the foxtail is removed correctly and completely.

Won’t the OutFox® Field Guard irritate my dog’s face and head?

Every part of the Field Guard was designed with the dog’s comfort and safety in mind.  All seam edges are intentionally on the outside of the Field Guard so the edges will not scratch or irritate the dog in any way.  The size of the Field Guard is larger than the dog’s head so that it only slightly touches the top of the dog’s head and leaves ample space in front of his muzzle.  The Field Guard’s neck opening doesn’t need to be tight for the Field Guard to stay on the dog as the opening is tightened only to give the Field Guard shape.  Since the opening is not tight the dog should notice it less than his own collar.  The design was so successful that the inventor was initially surprised when her dog drank from a bowl of water through the Field Guard without even noticing that she had it on.

How should I put the OutFox® Field Guard on my dog for the first time so he’s not afraid of it?

Put a treat into the Field Guard before putting it on your dog for the first time.  He will be encouraged to put his head into the Field Guard to get the treat, thereby creating a positive association with the Field Guard.  Once your dog is off leash in the field or playing while wearing his Field Guard, he won’t worry much about it.  He will soon associate the Field Guard with running and playing and will be excited to put it on.  See our How to Use page for more detailed information.

Why does my dog keep trying to pull the Field Guard off his head and what can I do about it?

When properly fitted and positioned, the Field Guard should rest comfortably on our dog’s head and not bother him.  If you find that he resists wearing it, it is most likely due to incorrect positioning that causes discomfort.  To create a proper fit, make sure to secure the Field Guard high up your dog’s neck directly behind his ears so that the Field Guard tips downward.  It should rest lightly on the top of your dog’s head and leave ample space in front of his nose.  Please see the How to Use page for a detailed explanation and illustrations that show a correct and incorrect fit.

Can dogs pant and stay cool while wearing the OutFox® Field Guard?

Yes.  The Field Guard is large enough to allow dogs to pant, bark and do everything else they normally do.  Since it is constructed of fine mesh there is plenty of air flow.  The Field Guard is designed with plenty of space around the head so air can easily circulate.  Another benefit is that the black mesh acts as a sun shade.  One should always be aware of the possibility of overheating and take precautions to prevent it with or without the Field Guard.  See the Safety Information page for more details.

How safe is the Field Guard for dogs?

The Field Guard is made of a mesh material that is safe for dogs to breathe through and if chewed on.  The Field Guard is not known to cause animals any harm when used normally and as intended, but caution should always be exercised when using any device around the neck.  See the Safety Information page for more details.

How to other dogs react to a dog wearing the OutFox® Field Guard?

Interest mostly.  We’ve never had a negative encounter with another dog and our dogs play with other dogs while wearing the Field Guard.

Is the Field Guard sizing different if buy dog is a short snout breed?

Short snout breeds have wider heads in relation to their head length, so the measuring method for them is different from that of dogs with average head shapes and muzzle lengths.  Please see the Sizing page for details on ow to take measurements of your short snout dog’s head length and head circumference.

Does the Field Guard come in other colors?

No.  It was designed in black because it is the easiest color mesh to see through.  Also, it reduces glare and acts as a sun shade blocking 52% to 60% of UVA and UVB rays.

Can my dog wear the OutFox® Field Guard all year long?

No reason why not.  the Field Guard not only protects from foxtails, but will also prevent your dog from eating harmful objects.

Can the OutFox® Field Guard be used to keep my dog from biting other dogs or people?

Absolutely not.  The Field Guard is not intended to be used as a muzzle and should not be used as one.