Use, Care, Warnings and Disclaimer


The patented OutFox® Field Guard is designed to help protect dogs’ eyes, ears, and noses from foxtail penetration while walking or running over trails or through grasses and while engaging in casual sniffing. Additionally, the Field Guard can be used to prevent dogs from scavenging and eating harmful items and to protect their faces from insects such as flies and mosquitoes.

The Field Guard is not a muzzle and should never be used as one, whether to prevent biting or chewing. This product allows for dogs to engage in activities normally, which includes picking up balls and sticks for play.  Please note: Picking up balls or sticks while wearing the Field Guard will wear it out faster.


Prevent elastic breakage:  

After each use:

  1. Rinse the Field Guard with water and hang to dry.
  2. Remove foxtails and other debris from the mesh.
  3. Examine for puncture holes and other signs of damage.
  4. Replace Field Guards with puncture holes or noticeable wear.


  1. Foxtail penetration may result from misuse, including but not limited to a dog’s rough play and excessive behavior. Supervise your dog while using this product.
  2. The Field Guard may not function properly on dogs that exert excessive pressure when sniffing or rubbing.
  3. Dogs that carry or chew on objects or engage in rough play may penetrate the Field Guard with their teeth, leaving the dog vulnerable to foxtails.
  4. The Field Guard is not indestructible or chew-proof.
  5. This product is NOT a muzzle and should never be used as one.
  6. For general safety, do not leave a dog unattended while it is wearing the Field Guard.
  7. Be aware of the possibility of overheating:  Take precautions (read Avoiding Canine Heatstroke)to prevent it, with or without the Field Guard.

You agree to hold OutFox LLC harmless from and against any damages, injury or defect caused by your misuse, alteration or modification to the product.


While the OutFox Field Guard effectively helps to protect against foxtail penetration to a dog’s face, it is not 100% failproof. Because the product is made of a mesh, a material with a large number of closely spaced holes, there is always a possibility for foxtail seeds to penetrate the mesh.

The Field Guard is designed to act as a sieve, catching foxtails before they enter a dog’s nose or ears. It is important to check the Field Guard regularly to remove any foxtails it catches and to check for puncture holes that compromise the integrity of the mesh.