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The patented OutFox® Field Guard is designed to help protect dogs’ eyes, ears, and noses from foxtail penetration while walking or running over trails or through grasses and while engaging in casual sniffing. Additionally, the Field Guard can be used to prevent dogs from scavenging and eating harmful items and to protect their faces from insects such as flies and mosquitoes.

The Field Guard is not a muzzle and should never be used as one, whether to prevent biting or chewing. This product allows for dogs to engage in activities normally, which includes picking up balls and sticks for play.  Please note: Picking up balls or sticks while wearing the Field Guard will wear it out faster.


Prevent elastic breakage:  

After each use:

  1. Rinse the Field Guard with water and hang to dry.
  2. Remove foxtails and other debris from the mesh.
  3. Examine for puncture holes and other signs of damage.
  4. Replace Field Guards with puncture holes or noticeable wear.


  1. Foxtail penetration may result from misuse, including but not limited to a dog’s rough play and excessive behavior. Supervise your dog while using this product.
  2. The Field Guard may not function properly on dogs that exert excessive pressure when sniffing or rubbing.
  3. Dogs that carry or chew on objects or engage in rough play may penetrate the Field Guard with their teeth, leaving the dog vulnerable to foxtails.
  4. The Field Guard is not indestructible or chew-proof.
  5. This product is NOT a muzzle and should never be used as one.
  6. For general safety, do not leave a dog unattended while it is wearing the Field Guard.
  7. Be aware of the possibility of overheating:  Take precautions (read Avoiding Canine Heatstroke)to prevent it, with or without the Field Guard.

You agree to hold OutFox LLC harmless from and against any damages, injury or defect caused by your misuse, alteration or modification to the product.


While the OutFox Field Guard effectively helps to protect against foxtail penetration to a dog’s face, it is not 100% failproof. Because the product is made of a mesh, a material with a large number of closely spaced holes, there is always a possibility for foxtail seeds to penetrate the mesh.

The Field Guard is designed to act as a sieve, catching foxtails before they enter a dog’s nose or ears. It is important to check the Field Guard regularly to remove any foxtails it catches and to check for puncture holes that compromise the integrity of the mesh.

47 reviews for OutFox Field Guard

  1. RH

    These have literally been life savers! Have a beagle and a Maltese (who seems to think he’s a beagle;& also has to put everything in his mouth)! Live in CA where foxtails are prolific …. just bought my 3rd one in one year- but they are SO worth it !
    (Beagle had terrible experience with a foxtail in his nose prior to learning about these)

  2. Karen Umezawa

    This is our second Out Fox and I won’t let our dog leave home without it for the dry months of the year. The first one is still in good shape through two seasons except for a small hole that was easily sewn and repaired. The mask takes a lot of abuse by this girl since she loves to hunt, but with good care after use I expect it will take us through the season. I’m ordering an extra ‘just in case’. Thank you so much for this great product that allows a dog to be a dog and still stay healthy!

    • OutFox

      Thanks Karen!

  3. Jerry McNair

    just wanted to express my joy from your product . My dog has megaesophagus and esophageal , and when she would eat something off ground it would always cause her to regurgitate and put her at risk for aspiration pneumonia . So for four years of her life she would always be on a leash and fussed at whenever head goes to ground , even with big fenced in yard . She took to mask right away with treat inside as recommended . What joy to see her run and have freedom .that first time was the best thing that happen for me the whole month of Feb 2020 – worst month of my life other than giving a sweet dog freedom . Thank you for your product so much , grateful to have been informed by another member about it in Facebook group UprightCannieBargrade . Now my only issue is getting her to come in from yard . Sorry it took so long to give you guys 5 stars for amazing product . Wishing your business a long and successful journey. ❤

    • OutFox

      Thanks Jerry! Freedom is the reason this was invented. Freedom for the dogs to run and play, and for us to enjoy them so much more. Good to hear the Field Guard made a rough time for you just a little bit better.

  4. Pamela LeBaron

    We could not be happier with this product. Despite always being leashed, our 13 year old shih tzu mix has been through FOUR major emergency surgeries to remove various items that he has eaten but shouldn’t have. One can imagine our constant worry not to mention the expense. He happily let’s us put on, and wears his Outfox guard like a fancy hat, It doesn’t phase him one bit. For the first time in his life he’s allowed to stiff and poke around like a dog should, and just in time as it’s acorn and mushroom season here in New England. He wears it outside at all times, walking, camping etc, He wears it when grandchildren are playing with small items on the floor or that could be dropped . He drinks water through it. It’s sturdy, easy to put on and off…has changed our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this product!

    • OutFox

      Thank you so much Pamela! It makes me very happy to hear another dog has more freedom because of our product.

  5. Kris Ozaki

    We love our field guard. After spending several hundred dollars at the vet getting foxtails removed from our german shorthaired pointers ears and nasal passages our vet recommended this product. Now every spring and summer when the foxtails are abundant we bring this out on our walks and training sessions. What’s nice is our GSP can still retrieve a bumper with this on. We’ve only had one instance with it coming off and that was during the first time using it. The trick we’ve found is tightening the elastic as tight as you can and definitely attach the velcro to their collar. You’ll get funny looks from other people but once they understand what it is and why they’ll often ask where to get one.

    • OutFox

      Thank you for your kind comments. We’re glad it’s working for you and your dog. However, we don’t recommend tightening the elastic super tight. You should be able to easily get 3 fingers between the opening of the Field Guard and the dog, no tighter. Please go to the OutFox Optimizing Comfort page and scroll down to the section “Tightness of the Elastic Opening” for more details. Definitely use the velcro straps around the collar. Press the velcro tightly together for maximum holding and hit the trail!

  6. Donna Richardson

    I bought the Outfox mesh after my Russell got a foxtail in her ear. Removal of the foxtail cost me $329.00. The mesh cost $38.00 at the time. Well worth the money. The mesh also provides eye and nose protection from the sun for my white haired Russell with a pink nose. This mesh allows my dog to enjoy being a dog. Otherwise, she would have to stay inside to avoid the sun. She doesnt mind wearing it at all. Her eyes don’t run and her nose doesn’t crack and bleed anymore with it on. The only thing it didn’t do was prevent her from killing squirrels. She’s a Parson Russell. So thank you for this product. For me this product provides three protections: eye and nose (uv) protection from the sun and foxtails.

    • OutFox

      Donna, thank you for such great feedback. I’m very glad to hear how the Field Guard has provided sun protection that has made such a difference for your dog! By the way, we upgraded our mesh last year and it blocks even more sun – up to 60% of UVA and UVB rays.

  7. Jude Cook

    I live in the UK and have a springer spaniel who ended up having emergency surgery twice in a month to remove grass seeds from her ear which penetrated her eardrum and then worst of all two which she had inhaled whilst running in the fields. She was quite poorly for some time. We found OutFox after trauling the net. Its fabulous! Fen (the dog) is more than happy to wear it whilst running riot across the farm and I can be safe in the knowledge that she wont suffer from grass seeds in her ears or lungs again. Brilliant product Thank you

    • OutFox

      You’re welcome! and thank YOU!

  8. Roux’s Family

    We purchased this item as a training aid for our little dog who will eat anything he can find outside. We tried using a leash for training but his other favorite activity is running like a maniac and of course we can’t keep up. The field guard has given him the freedom to run, sniff, and enjoy the yard again. We hope to wean him away from using it at some point but for now it has brought back our boy’s joy in going outside. It did take a couple of weeks to train him to wear it, but now he practically puts it on himself. We just hold it up and he pushes his head into it. The treats we put in there every once in a while don’t hurt with that! He has been wearing it for several months now and it still looks like new. It is pretty easy to clean as well. One suggestion we have is to make different colors to make them easier to find if they are lost in tall grass.

  9. Mandy

    My dog had 3 laparotomies because he eats things off the ground. He almost dies every time. He has also eaten poo off the hiking trail and got infectious diarrhea. This device has literally saved his life. He doesn’t tolerate a muzzle but I put a bunch of treats in the mask when I put it on and from the beginning he has run around like he doesn’t mind it at all. He also has allergies and his rashes have cleared up since the mask prevents him from eating trash. Walks and hikes and now stress free because I don’t have to watch him every second and yell at him to drop the trash or poop! I live in a city and get a bunch of questions about it because it does look a little funny, Many people ask where I got it so they can explore it as an option for their dogs. This is a great device that has improved both my dog’s and my life!

  10. Chris

    We have used this product successfully over the past couple of years with our chihuahua. He ingested a large acorn a few years ago that nearly ended his life (and emptied our bank account). After frantically searching for a solution we found the OutFox product. It is, in my opinion, minimally restrictive while keeping him from picking up and swallowing objects such as acorns while he is outdoors. I would have given it 5 stars if not for the fact that we have replaced 3 of these after the string used to tighten the hood snapped.

    • OutFox

      So good to hear we are keeping your dog safe!
      The elastic breakage problem you describe has happened to only 32 out of the over 22,000 we have sold. Since the very first time we have been doing everything we can think of to correct it. The cause has been a big mystery until very recently.
      We are confident this is not a defect.

      In every one of the Field Guards with broken elastic there has been a small telltale hole at the bottom edge of the neck opening by the seam that goes under the chin. The elastic usually breaks within a few weeks of using the new Field Guard.

      The first time it happened we had the sewing factory check their entire process (cutting, sewing, trimming, storing) for any problems. We changed to a different elastic supplier, and the factory always checks all elastic before inserting it and discards any that looks like it might be poor quality.

      On top of the factory’s quality check, we personally double check every single Field Guard we ship. Part of our check is testing the elastic to make sure it is strong and won’t break, and that the knots at the ends are strong and large enough not to pull through the cord-lock. I am confident that our quality is exceptional. Yet, even after all these preventive measures, the breakage still happens exactly the same way.

      The cause of the elastic breakage was a mystery, until by chance, while hiking with a customer, the elastic on the dog’s Field Guard broke. And there was that little telltale hole! in the bottom edge of the neck opening. Just like all the others. The customer said it wasn’t there when we started the hike. So it seems that the Field Guard had been put over the collar at the dog’s throat and gotten somehow cut by the collar buckle, dog tags, or the ring that attaches the dog tags.

      Customers can prevent elastic breakage by making sure the dog’s collar and tags are not inside the Field Guard at the throat.

      If for any reason, the elastic breaks, or just comes out of the Field Guard we repair it for customers, no charge. Just request an RA and send the Field Guard back, we will repair and ship back the same day we receive it.

  11. Peter Roberts

    Great product. I have a Jack Russell terrier and the slightly larger Parsons, (size x-small, small OutFox). They run head level into the cheatgrass/foxtail at full speed three times a week 3 hours per time in expansive cheatgrass foothills outside Boise Idaho. I found the product here online last May the day the vet found a cheatgrass on Sophie’s eardrum while in for shots. It only cost $70 to remove it but she said most times they have to sedate and it’s $300. I asked what to do and she said don’t run in the cheatgrass till winter and I said balderdash and found OutFox. Not a vet visit all summer. I am buying another and a spare today because Sophie roots in the dirt so much I am afraid she will wear it out. Of course in extreme cheatgrass, like we have, you still need to inspect your dog after every outing. And, like they say, keep the mask clean, (just run cold water over it while repeatedly squeezing and they clean right up). After the first 5 minutes the dogs forget they are wearing them. Added benefit is if freaks out the coyotes…at least for now:) Thanks OutFox! Peter

  12. Glorya Nevius

    After fishing a foxtail out of my dogs nose, I knew it was time to get something for him. We walk every day in a regional park in the SF East Bay, and foxtails are a constant. I did my research and the OutFox scored the highest, with good reason. My dog had no issues with wearing it, and has never tried to get it off. Yes, there are constant questions and stupid comments (no it’s not made out of wire, no it’s not a muzzle, no it’s not a hairnet) but it’s a good opportunity to educate people about the hazards of foxtails. One of my fav side benefits is that he can no longer gobble up the food (think chicken bones) that fall to the ground at all the picnic areas we walk through in a popular regional park. 6 stars for OutFox masks!

  13. Linda Seybert

    This is my second order for the OutFox Field Guard. My previous guards have finally worn out and fox tails are in full bloom here in California. I cannot express my gratitude for these wonderful face shields, which have saved me hundreds, if not thousands, in vet bills over the past 18 months. My dogs are very rough, burrowing their muzzles into holes, swimming, chasing lizards into thick and brittle shrubs, running through fields of sharp branches and thorns, yet the field guard has held up well for all they have put it through. I am very pleased with this product and cannot recommend it enough. Thank you for keeping my dogs safe from the dreaded foxtails????

  14. Karen Merrell

    A friend suggest Outfox for my Cavalier King Charles who eats everything she isn’t supposed to eat. I ordered this product for her and my Labrador but never put it on them. I don’t know why. Well, a few days ago the Cavalier got a very bad bacterial infection from snagging some cat poo. Gross, I know. I didn’t see her do it but she became deathly ill. So that did it. I popped a treat in the Outfox and slipped it on her head. What a wonderful invention! Muzzles don’t fit her well and are hard to put on her. This just slips right on. I ended up fastening it to her harness instead of her collar for a better fit. She still can’t figure out why she can’t eat all that bad stuff but she knows she gets a treat when it goes on and when it comes off, so she is not protesting. I took her to my vet today and he said the product is genius. I could not be happier. The only downside is everyone stops me to ask questions about it, but everyone seems impressed. Thank you so much for coming up with this and for shipping it to me in Israel.

  15. Anna Rogatkin

    I was taking my dog for his usual walk when out of nowhere we came across a trio of dogs all wearing this and when I found out what it was for I HAD to buy one. At least one spot on my dog is now safe from foxtails! This has worked really well. Yes it looks ridiculous and people have no idea what it is for when they see it, but it works great. My dog is not a huge fan, he does pull it off sometimes, but I tell him to knock it off and he listens. I love the fact that he can swim with it on the most! I have a Springer Spaniel and he needs to be able to go for a swim and with this thing on there is no problem, he can swim, he can run, he can do whatever his heart desires, but he can do it free of foxtails! It may look ridiculous, and I was skeptical at first, but hey, if it works then it works.

    All that being said can you please design something for the paws?

    • OutFox

      Hi Anna,
      If your dog tries to pull the Field Guard off, that almost always means that something is uncomfortable. There are three main factors to consider when making the Field Guard as comfortable as possible for your dog: size, position, and tightness of the elastic opening. Please check out important details about Position and the other factors on our Optimizing Comfort page.
      We can try to develop paw protection, but what kind of improvements are needed dog boots already in the marketplace? We usually recommend trying Pawz Dog Boots
      Thanks very much for your comments and questions.

  16. Tracy C

    I just received the Outfox mask & put it on my German Short Hair as per directions. Within 2 minutes she pawed it off so that it was dangling around her neck which doesn’t do any good. Is there a better way to keep it on for the smarter than average dog?

    • OutFox

      Hi Tracy – The key to success when using the Field Guard is optimizing comfort for the dog. When the dog is comfortable wearing it, he will not resist having it put on and he will not try to take it off. There are three main factors to consider when making the Field Guard as comfortable as possible for your dog: size, position, and tightness of the elastic opening. Please review important details about Position and the other factors on our Optimizing Comfort page.

      Additionally, it really helps to put on the Field Guard outside just as you’re about to go for your walk. Most dogs are so excited to go for their walk that they don’t notice they’re wearing anything on their heads. Eventually, the dogs come to positively associate the Field Guard with going for a walk and are excited to put it on—like when we bring out a leash, they know they’re going for a walk.

      The Velcro straps are designed to secure the Field Guard to the dog’s collar. But for safety, they are designed to release if the Field Guard becomes caught on something so the dog will not become entangled. See the Safety Information page for more information on the Velcro straps

  17. Tracy

    This has literally been a life saver for our redtick coonhound who is a ROCKEATER. He injested rocks as a puppy so he had to be muzzled when he was outside. I thought he had outgrown this habit. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that he had not. He swallowed a large rock that required surgery. We went back to using the muzzle but had to limit his outdoor time because he couldn’t pant or drink with it on. A friend suggested that I check out the outfox. I bought it about a year ago and it has worked perfectly!! He can pant, drink and fetch. He sits at the door and waits for us to hold it open and he slides his head right in. I can’t thank you enough for this invention!!

    • OutFox

      It is so satisfying to hear that the Field Guard is making such a big difference for both you and your dog.
      We love to hear about dogs enjoying the outdoors again.
      Thank you!

  18. ELAINE

    Rocket, my Golden Retriever, eats rocks. He’s had surgery twice and he’s not yet 2 years old. Thank goodness for pet insurance and now Outfox. It keeps him from eating rocks – he brought in two tonight, but couldn’t eat them! Thank you!

  19. Donna Spies

    Purchased the Out Fox after reading reviews. Have a 6 month old Golden Retriever that likes to eat rocks, twigs, plants and coyote poop while out on hikes in the desert. Now, we can hike in pleasure without the worry of what she is eating. She has never minded wearing it, from the very first time I put it on her. She easily drinks water and I can put a treat in the hood to reward good behavior. Love it. Am going to get a second because I don’t want to think about not having one in case something happens to the first one.

  20. Adrianna Martin

    I purchased two of these in March of this year. One for each dog. The first mask had the elastic break about 3 months in. So the pups need to take turns to go into the back yard but its worked out for the better, I can keep an eye on them and they don’t waste any time to get back inside to the other pup. The second mask is just starting to get a little hole, but after 9 month, 6 of which it was doing double duty every day I am finally ready to retire this one and purchase an new mask. I am so grateful to have found these at a local pet supply store. I don’t know what I would have done without it. My yard is full of foxtails despite our bests efforts to remove them. This tiny investment has given me peace of mind and I am sure saved me hundreds on vet bills.

    • OutFox

      Hi Adrianna,

      We’re happy to have been able to protect your dogs AND give you the peace of mind.
      Please send the Field Guard with the broken elastic back and we will repair it for you and refund your cost of shipping up to $6.
      Thanks so much for writing.


  21. Pam

    I don’t have a review, but a question. How do I determine size, my Yorkshire terrier eats anything and everything, he weighs, 4.2 lbs. I assume xxs but thought I should double check. Thanks so much

    • OutFox

      Hi Pam,

      Our sizing is based on head length. You should refer to the size chart on our sizing page.
      This page will also explain how to measure both head length and head circumference.


  22. Cheryl

    I am SO HAPPY that I found the Outfox web site! We recently adopted a 4 pound Chihuahua from the local humane society, and he started eating rocks – which necessitated one rather expensive (and scary) trip to the vet’s office. We tried various muzzles, but he behaved a bit like a little bucking bronco when we put them on. I looked at various basket style muzzles, but none were small enough for his little nose. Finally, I was lucky enough to come across the Outfox web site. While the smallest size was still a bit too big for our little guy, I corresponded with Diane and she assured me that she’d produced custom products for smaller dogs in the past and would be willing to give it a try. After emailing her various photos and dimensions, she produced a truly superior “head guard”, which not only prevents our dog from eating rocks, but it allows him to see and breathe freely, which is especially important in the Arizona heat. Diane, I can’t thank you enough for your great product and the excellent customer service! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Outfox to anyone.

  23. Laurie

    Your product was so easy to get used to! I popped a treat in it and Rosy stuck her head in it, then out for a short walk. She never tried to take it off. Next day she was sniffing on bushes and trees and greeting her dog pals as usual!!!
    I am spreading the word.
    I am so very grateful!

  24. Marti

    Great for a dog that has gastro-intestinal track issues due to eating things outside that she shouldn’t. Our flattie is very comfortable using this on her group off-leash walks. She can pick up sticks and run with them without being able to eat them or other more disgusting things. We’ve had this for 3 months and she hasn’t been able to bite through the mesh despite heavy use. Great customer service with a problem I had as well!

  25. Janet

    Thank you for this outstanding product! Our little terrier inhaled a stray foxtail spikelet on on an otherwise pristine sidewalk, requiring expensive surgical removal. With foxtails springing up in yards, fields, even sidewalk cracks, our walks had become tense and frustrating – we had to be hypervigilant, she had to be tugged away from any possible hiding place for those nasty spikelets. The OutFox Field Guard brought fun and relaxation back to our walks! Our dog adjusted to the guard within minutes and now happily bounces down the sidewalk and trails, sniffing and exploring with ease and safety.

  26. Marilyn from NY

    My rescue Flat Coat Retriever pup, Riley, was swallowing rocks over 1 inch in diameter. Late last fall my vet induced vomiting and she threw up 11 rocks weighing over 1 In searching for an answer in place of a muzzle to avoid future surgery, I came across the Outfox Field Guard. No more rock eating. No costly vet bills. Allowing her freedom to hunt chipmunks in our backyard. My only concern with the field guard is Riley was wearing holes in it by rubbing against the boulders in our yard while she was digging for chipmunks and I couldn’t afford purchasing a new guard every other month. Of course the guard was not made for this purpose. But Diane has been a dream to work with in trying to solve the problem.

    Riley is able to do everything she wants wearing the field guard such as drinking out of a bowl. playing fetch with sticks, etc. It is very interesting and sometimes funny the remarks I get when people see Riley wearing the guard, To make putting the guard on Riley quicker and easier I keep the neck straps attached to a collar, so when she wants to go outside all I have to do is slide the guard on, snap the collar and tighten the elastic at the back of her neck and away she goes.

    My vet was unaware of the field guard since we are on the east coast and luckily don’t have problems with the foxtails yet. Since then she has recommended the product to several other dog owners with success

  27. Keri Pon

    This product has been a game changer. Not only does it protect from foxtails in the ears and nose, but one of my dogs likes to eat grass, and this prevents her from eating not only grass, but all of the other things she finds on the trail, including mushrooms. After a vet visit to remove foxtails that became embedded her her throat, we found this product. She got used to it within a few minutes, it does not bother her vision, and she can still drink water with it on. I am going to order a second one for my other dog for foxtail season.

  28. Linda

    I just received my 2 outfox masks last week. Over the past 20 years I have spent thousands of dollars at the vets to have fox tails removed from my dogs ears and nose. For my border collie I put a pair of panty hose over his head, which helped, but his ears were pinned down so he wasn’t a happy camper. And it’s all about our dogs right?

    I have two new pups, male and female. I intentionally picked these little guys because of their floppy ears and less chance for a foxtail to enter their ear canals. Last week I took them out to the lake which was surrounded by a foxtail field. My male pup bonded through the field with his mouth open. It was awful. He was choking, hacking and eating more fox tails in an attempt to remove the ones stuck in his throat.

    So, off to the vet we go for foxtail surgery. The vet was quite proud of his find, 22 fox tails in my boys throat and larynx. It was not a cheap visit. That night I got on line and ordered the outfox masks.

    Today the masks were adjusted to the dogs and away we went for a walk in the hills. Unfortunately, I failed to secure the mask on my female and halfway through the hike I noticed she wasn’t wearing it. My friend and I retraced our route, but because of the dark gray branches, we were unable to locate her mask. It is the same color as the dead brush. Happy to say the mask was secured well on my male dog and worked great! We had to walk through several patches of fox tails looking for the mask and he didn’t get any of those horrible things in him or on him.

    Both of my dogs adjusted quickly to the outfox mask and didn’t even notice it was on. I was able to give them water by squirting my water bottle through the net. This product is great. My vet told me the running joke at the vets office is the purchase of a yacht called, “THE FOXTAIL.”

    I sure hope I find my dogs mask soon. Going to head out later this week and look. Had I secured it correctly, this never would have happened. At least for now one of my dogs will be protected from the horrors of the foxtail.

  29. Chet

    I am ordering my second OutFox field guard (yes they do wear out after a couple of years of regular field use if you have a dog who loves to sniff out birds in thorny bushes; and tries to eat anything that resembles food in the wild like discarded garbage, dead critters etc.) because it is such a great product.
    I have a medium/large Pudelpointer with a dark/medium length coat who heats up fairly quickly and needs lots of water on the warmer days. The problem I was having with the OutFox field guard was that I would have to completely remove the guard every time she needed water. I solved the problem by installing a brass grommet on the nose end of the field guard so I would have a small hole to put the straw of a sports water bottle through (Similar to this:
    . My dog quickly learned to dring water from the straw after I placed the straw through the grommet hole and squeezed water through the straw.
    Great product and as the previous posts demonstrate, this is an effective way of protecting your dog and avoiding expensive vet bills due to foxtails and from eating nasty stuff while in the field.

    • Diane

      Thank you for your review, Chet. I am glad to know that the Field Guard has been effectively protecting your dog during her outdoor adventures. To ensure maximum safety for your dog, however, I would like to address the issue of intentionally creating a hole and installing a brass grommet on the Field Guard. Holes, even small ones, severely compromise the function of the Field Guard: foxtails can be inhaled through the hole when the dog sniffs, and foxtails can just as easily work their way through the hole and into the dog’s nose, mouth, eyes, and ears without acting sniffing. To prevent this, I would strongly advise against using a Field Guard with any holes on it. The Field Guard was created to allow dogs to have full freedom of activity, which includes their ability to drink water through it. Check out the gallery image of the dog drinking while wearing the Field Guard. I would suggest working with your dog and teaching her to drink with the Field Guard on. If you still find that she is unwilling to do so, it would be much safer to remove and reattach the Field Guard each time she drinks than to let her wear the Field Guard with a hole on it. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

  30. Nancy Thompson

    We bought this for our 7 pound Papillon who eats inappropriate things when I mow our vacant lot. I have used it twice so far, and it has worked wonderfully! Harley does not even act like he knows he is wearing it. More expensive than a basket muzzle, but FAR cheaper than a trip to the vet.

    • Anna Bjerke

      I have had ours for over a year now and our Cavalier cannot graze in the yard and get sick! I have referred this product to several Cavalier owners that have paid huge vet bills foreign objects … I know a few have bought them and works much better than a muzzle! One tip for Cavalier owners is that need to order a size up due to ears if going in the mask and if not … regular measurement.

      • Diane

        Thank you Anna. I want to let you know that this year’s Field Guard is now fuller around the head, allowing space for more room around the ears, more fur,and more air flow. So you won’t have to size up anymore for ear room.

  31. Anna

    I love this product! I bought it for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was eating whatever she could put in her mouth out of the yard. She became ill off of pine straw and I went searching on the web for something! This mask was mentioned in an article I read and I ordered it and my crazy Cavalier is one healthy girl! She can drink water and even play ball! Sure has made life easier for all of us.

  32. liz

    It’s even better than I’d hoped because the dog doesn’t mind it at all. We walk in tall grasses with stickers and not so tall innocent looking foxtail laden grasses all the time in the summer and fall. The OutFox Guard has removed my anxiety. It’s very light weight, gives my dog’s eyes some protection from the bright sun plus he can and does easily drink water right through the mask. He behaves like it isn’t even there. Love love love it.

  33. Kim

    What a great idea! I do not have to deal with foxtails, however my 10 month old bichon/poodle can find mushrooms growing anywhere. Even on the leash if her nose is down she will soon find one that I have missed. Luckily she has only had stomach issues from whatever she has been able to ingest – but this makes going outside a chore instead of fun. The product worked great -Lola got used to it within 2 weeks and I told her to put her hat on and she held her head so I could slip it on -it made going outside fun instead of a chore. Thanks for your great product it has really helped us out.

  34. Ginny

    I got my Molly and Stella the Field Guard. I thought they might freak out but did not even stir. I put it on them when I take them to the open space and have more peace of mind now. I can pull the ones on the body, it is the giant vet bill to get them out of the ears and nose that worries me. Even Molly my shepherd with gorgeous (I might add…) big ears, does not mind the guard. The ears are slightly flatten but does not bother her. Works like a charm. $40 but a LOT less than a vet bill.

  35. Rita

    On a great product – I am so glad I found it. My retriever puppy was eating everything in the yard when she went out. Your field guard has been a life saver and allows Cara to enjoy herself in the yard without hurting herself. And the nice thing is because I put a treat into it she puts her head pretty much in herself.

  36. Bill

    We got the Field Guard today, and I must admit I was worried when I first saw it. I followed the instructions, though, and found my poodle-shihtzu had 2” clearance in front of her nose. The base of skull to nose measurement was 6”. She weighs 17-18 lbs. (Bill bought an x-small)

    Anyway, we were ready to walk as soon as I put it on her, and it only took 50 yards or so before she was into the walk and forgot about her armor. She would occasionally shake her head or bat at it with her front paw, but that subsided. Same thing on walk number two in the evening. The little one has sucked up 2 foxtail/weeds just walking in the neighborhood in the late Summer, costing me big $ at the vet. Thanks!

  37. Valerie

    I ordered one of your products and I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is. I was a bit skeptical about it when I first saw it, but after it was on my sweet little Annie, I am SOLD. Great invention. In our case it is Not being used for fox tails but rather a deterrent for my Annie to stop swallowing acorns from our backyard. She ate one and it caused a blockage and cost us $2500 in vet bills and surgery to remove it. We live in the forest high in the mountains, so I can’t rake them up, so this literally will SAVE HER LIFE. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

  38. Jodie

    I tried it on my Rudi last Saturday – who is my rescue vizsla who is the one of my two most likely to not tolerate. He did GREAT! At first he pawed at it a bit, but then basically no problem (and we were walking in the evening when it probably shaded his vision a bit too much). Only thing he didn’t like was swimming in it. We walk along the American river so the water is pretty cold…so when the guard gets wet it touches his nose and he doesn’t seem to like that…easy to take on and off though when he is swimming. Ky will be no problem. We give it an enthusiastic paws up!

  39. Kit

    I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with my new Outfox Field Guard. After 3 imbedded foxtails and some rather large vet bills, I knew there had to be an answer. Now I can walk my dog anywhere with complete peace of mind; we’re no longer restricted to city sidewalks during the summer. I had thought she would object to wearing it, but she just sticks her head in and away we go. Thanks for such a great product.

  40. Ken & Laurie

    We live in an area that has lots of foxtails. Each spring, our dogs get foxtails in their ears and eyes. This year we tried the OutFox Field Guard, the dogs have not gotten one fox tail! Due to the rain, this year the foxtails present a huge problem for our shoes, socks, but not for our dogs! The dogs quickly adapted to the OutFox Field Guard thanks to a few treats we gave them during our first hike with the OutFox Field Guards. The OutFox Field Guards are easy to put on and take off. We heartily recommend the use the Outfox Field Guards!”

  41. Susan

    I ride horses with my Border Collies and Dalmatian in the golden hills of CA, full of every sticker imaginable. Until this year, the minute the foxtails and their relatives emerged I worried about my dogs and with good reason. I spent over a thousand dollars and much anguish having foxtails removed from my dogs ears and noses just last summer. With these Field Guards all my stress is gone and so far have not had one trip to the vet for foxtail removal. The Border Collies don’t mind the masks at all. I put them on and then immediately sent them on an outrun after the sheep and they were so intent on their job that the masks were not noticed. Now I put them on and they know it means they get to herd sheep or go horseback riding. My Dalmatian is tricky and likes to remove it the minute the fun slows. So the answer for a stubborn dog is keep her (him) busy and she (he) will adjust. Luckily the ear canals for Dals are very tight so she has not had problems with foxtails like the BCs have.

  42. Brandon & Shalisa

    After paying for a $500 vet visit to remove two foxtails from one of our dog’s tonsils, my husband and I knew we had to do something. We live on 75 acres of weeds. Painful stickers and foxtails are just a few feet from our house door. That’s when we found Outfox Field Guard by searching on the web. We ordered and they arrived in three days. Our dogs were immediately comfortable with wearing them. We are so glad to have an affordable, easy-to-use option. We have a follow up vet appointment next week. We’ll be bringing a Field Guard and your website address for our vet to see such a great option for his country patients. Thank you for your product. God bless.

  43. Katy, Dan & Ripper Peterson

    I am so happy that I found your superior product. I could not imagine having to have our dog have to stay indoors during foxtail season, or just stay in her small backyard, or only go out on a leash. Now she is free, once again. And I am carefree, knowing that she really is immune to foxtails up her nose!

  44. Rod Michaelson

    In the San Francisco Bay Area, a visit to the vet for removal of a foxtail in the nose runs about $600. There is a joke of a vet wearing a golden foxtail necklace because they make so much money from this wild field weed. OutFox mesh head protection was tested by me on Bailey, Chloe and Tony for a one-­‐hour bike ride and field run and pond swim. Now with this headgear, fields and trails that have been off limits from May to August open up to us again.

  45. Shirley

    I can’t believe how great this product is!! My dog loves it and knows when she gets to put her “pretty hat” on we are going to go play. After two $200 vet visits in 1 week to have her put under to get the foxtails out of her nose I know I needed to do something! Thank you so much for a great product! Everything you say about your product is true. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!

  46. Robert

    Being from the East Coast I had never encountered (or even heard of) Foxtails until moving to CA. Starting when the weather dried here, I learned quickly. My beloved dog had to go to the vet 3 times in a month to have foxtails removed from her inner ears. It was heartbreaking how much discomfort she was in. The vet and many articles online suggested I keep my dog away from foxtail areas. Part of the reason I bought my home was so she could run freely and with 40 acres of foxtail grass, “avoiding them” wasn’t an option. Luckily, I learned about OutFox from this article: bought one and it changed everything. Thanks so much OutFox!

    P.S. I had a few minor problems with some of the guards and they couldn’t have been cooler about replacing them. I’m a big fan!

  47. Dr.Sophia Yin

    Throughout the rest our 3-­‐mile fetch session—Jonesy repeatedly picked up the ball and brought it back with no problems even with a super-­‐sized tennis ball I brought too—the one that requires his mouth open wide like a yawning hippo.

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  • Dog should be looking, generally, straight ahead.

  • Use a piece of string or yarn, then measure against a ruler (best for wiggly dogs or puppies) 

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