Kim, Waterford, CT

Robert, CA
February 13, 2014
Jodie, CA
February 13, 2014

What a great idea! I do not have to deal with foxtails; however, my ten-month-old bichon/poodle can find mushrooms growing anywhere. Even on the leash, if her nose is down, she will soon find one that I have missed. Luckily she has only had stomach issues from whatever she has been able to ingest—but this makes going outside a chore instead of fun. The product worked great and Lola got used to it within two weeks. I told her to put her hat on, and she held her head so I could slip it on. It made going outside fun instead of a chore. Thanks for your great product. It has really helped us out.

Kim, Waterford, CTWaterford, CT