Robert, CA

Brandon & Shalisa, Shingle Springs, CA
February 13, 2014
Kim, Waterford, CT
February 13, 2014

Being from the East Coast, I had never encountered (or even heard of) foxtails until moving to California. Starting when the weather dried here, I learned quickly. My beloved dog had to go to the vet three times in a month to have foxtails removed from her inner ears. It was heartbreaking how much discomfort she was in. The vet and many articles online suggested I keep my dog away from foxtail areas. Part of the reason I bought my home was so she could run freely, and with 40 acres of foxtail grass, “avoiding them” wasn’t an option. Luckily, I learned about OutFox from this article:
I bought one and it changed everything. Thanks SO much OutFox!
P.S. – I had a few minor problems with some of the guards and they couldn’t have been cooler about replacing them. I’m a big fan!

Robert, CACalifornia, USA