Susan, Dixon, CA

February 13, 2014
Shirley, Suisun, CA
February 13, 2014

I ride horses with my Border Collies and Dalmatian in the golden hills of California, full of every sticker imaginable. Until this year, the minute the foxtails and their relatives emerged, I worried about my dogs with good reason. I spent over a thousand dollars and much anguish having foxtails removed from my dogs’ ears and noses just last summer. With these Field Guards, all my stress is gone and so far have not had one trip to the vet for foxtail removal. The Border Collies don’t mind the masks at all. I put them on and then immediately sent them on an outrun after the sheep. They were so intent on their job that they did not notice the Field Guards. Now when I put them on, they know it means they get to herd sheep or go horseback riding.

Susan, Dixon, CADixon, CA