Wholesale Inquiry

Wholesale Program:
If you are a store, or veterinarian, interested in the OutFox wholesale program, please fill out the Wholesale Account Application.
Email the completed application to [email protected]
If your application is approved we will send you an email showing how we would like to receive orders and how the payment process works.
Our minimum wholesale order is $250
NOTE: You and your staff should be able to assist customers with fit.  
The correct fit is very important for the dog’s comfort, and easy adaptation. See our OutFox Comfort Guide
We have 5 regular sizes and 4 S/W sizes based on head shape and length.  
Regular sizes are head shapes that are more oblong, like German Shorthair Pointer.  
S/W sizing is for head shapes that are more blocky, like a Boxer, or furry heads like a Labradoodle (w long hair).  
Field Guard details:
Not to be used as a muzzle, so it is important that it not be displayed near muzzles in the store.
Manufactured in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and made with an environmentally and health-conscious material for the safety of the dogs. 
Vinyl-coated mesh is manufactured in the USA with materials that are approved for children’s toys; free from harmful phthalates, lead, and other banned heavy metals.  
Recommended and sold by veterinarians.
OutFox LLC:
Committed to superior quality and the well-being of our canine companions and the environment.  
Sold over 25,000 Field Guards, worldwide, to protect dogs from grass seeds (aka foxtails) or to prevent dogs from scavenging.
Feel free to email me if you have any further questions.  
Outfox LLC